I’ve said I am sorry a million times, but it is never enough. I don’t always mean it, but I … More

You are Beautiful

Every bit of you is beautiful. Your hair, your skin, your curves. Yet you don’t know. You think you are … More

The Phone Call

The phone rang, and I hurried across the room to grab it. As I picked up the receiver, I put … More

The ruined day…

“Please, stop,” I pleaded with no response. “I don’t want to hang up on you today.” Tears were streaming down my … More

Ode to Mrs. K.

“What’s this for?” I asked quietly looking at a large white box with a bright pink bow. “I just wanted to … More

The Gift

©2016 Nancy Lehmann and Henry Fisher

Pictures of the Past

That’s me, peeking my head out from behind my niece’s beautiful blonde hair. My cousin and I spent many summers while … More

Life Plans…

My life was so uncertain. More than $30,000 in student loan debt, several years of my life gone, and I still … More