I failed again today. I have failed many times in my life. My life is a series of failures, actually. … More


“Shit! I can’t put the sugar in. It’s shaped all weird!” she half whispered, half yelled, holding the glass Coke … More


A butterfly landed on my arm today, And before it had the chance to fly away; I stared at its … More


A swamp of regret, Reeds of pain along the shore. Bubbling murky feelings, Releasing thoughts of culpability. Stuck in the … More

What use to be…

On a silent wave, Emotions float in from the past. Opening up the grave, Of a life long ago. Without … More

My Favorite Place

Inside my mind, there is a place full of joy and kindness. Of dark thoughts and depravity. Of peace and … More

Hard Work

Labored breath. Sweat on the brow. Muscles straining in effort. Pulse rising. Heart pounding. Thirst growing. Legs aching. Weary from … More


Hips, knees, and ankles; Knuckles, back, and toes; All this hurt never goes away. That’s just the way the story … More

Ignore Me

I am sitting here. You may not see. I have ideas to share, But please, ignore me. I have a … More