What use to be…

On a silent wave,
Emotions float in from the past.
Opening up the grave,
Of a life long ago.
Without me knowing why,
Suddenly I crave,
What use to be.

I melt into the thought,
Of you touching me.
Our bodies scorching hot,
Every night we were together.
It was so surreal,
A romance novel plot,
What use to be.

That night in the park,
We could have been arrested.
The lake just before dark,
You stopped my shivering,
With your lips.
We gave off a spark.
What used to be.

The memories fade,
But never disappear.
Months, years, even a decade,
Our wild love lingers.
Yet, I would never go back.
It belongs in the shade,
What used to be.

©2019 Nancy Lehmann

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