My Favorite Place

Inside my mind, there is a place full of joy and kindness.
Of dark thoughts and depravity. Of peace and love.
Of creation and destruction.

It shines like a beacon in the gloom of real life.
It focuses thoughts in moments of distraction.
It releases hate and brings forth pleasure.

I retreat there when I need respite and calm.
A treasure-trove that holds the words before I have them.
A tome of tales untold. An old dusty volume of unused vocabulary.

My imagination held in stasis, waiting for inspiration.
When put to paper, it comes to life for others to see.
And clears space for more stories, in my favorite place.

©2019 Nancy Lehmann



  1. Nancy,
    This is really fantastic. I feel like I can really relate to this. You’re very talented and I look forward to reading your book!


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