Hips, knees, and ankles;
Knuckles, back, and toes;
All this hurt never goes away.
That’s just the way the story goes,
When pain rules your life.

Hot water bottles, heating pads, and patches;
Creams, gels, and roll-ons;
I’ve tried them all.
Maybe we are just pawns,
In a money making game.

Creak, snap, and pop;
Groan, yelp, and sigh;
The sounds of injury are neverending.
My distress I can’t deny,
With proof so easily heard.

Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and asprin;
Holistic, OTC, and prescription;
None of it works for long.
They may be just fiction,
But my options are few.

Acupuncture, massage, and hypnosis;
NSAIDs, opioids, and cannabis;
The fog may never lift.
To stop would be blaphemous,
So, on and on I go.

©2019 Nancy Lehmann

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